Hello, i am Aljaž.

On internet better known under nickname "aljaxus" or "lazosplaying". I am a student from Slovenija and I am very interested in web development and server administration. I spend most of my time learning how to do something that i am interested in. I earned a BIG part of my knowledge related to computers on my own, same with English, which is for me a total foreign language, but still, i speak clear and understandable. I also know a bit of Italian language, which should be enough to communicate, until we switch to English.

As I said in "about me" said, I am a student so I go to school.

I spend most, better said all, my free time behind my computer learning how to manage servers, not just webServers but server software in general. The biggest part of which are Web development and a Minecraft network. I have been and I still am active in many projects related to website management, creating all projects you can see on work page, and also maintaining most of them. Some of them are Radio-nexus and SkinsRestorer. I try to provide best work for the price, so i make sure that the websites i make are fully compatible with any device, may it be a ultra-wide TV, a computer, a tablet or a phone.